Morgan Hill Speech | SCHEDULE CHANGES
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Thank you for entrusting us to provide therapy services to your child.  Our mission is to empower your child to become an effective communicator through individualized, creative therapy delivered by qualified Speech Language Pathologists.  I purchased Morgan Hill Speech in 2015 and since that time have not increased prices for our therapy sessions.  Given the increased cost of living; increased business expenses; and increased cost of hiring the best therapists we are unable to sustain our current pricing and care delivery model.  Therefore, effective June 13th and/or when we transition to Summer schedules the following changes will go into effect.

  1. Our standard therapy session will change to a 45-minute session instead of our current 60-minute model.  We have offered 60-minute sessions for as long as possible, however that model is no longer sustainable based on current reimbursement rates.  Most other clinics in our area offer a 30-minute therapy session as their standard of care, receiving the same reimbursement as we do for a 60-minute session.  Therefore, we are opting for a compromise of 45 minutes.  Your child will receive 30 minutes of direct, individualized therapy, followed by 5-10 minutes of parent education/homework explanation, and 5-10 minutes for the therapists to write notes and sanitize their work area in preparation for their next client.
  2. Our schedules will adjust to reflect standard 45 minute sessions.  We will contact you regarding schedule adjustments in May.
  3. Our rates will reflect a standard pricing model of $150 for a 45-minute therapy session. 
  4. We will continue to offer 30 minute sessions for those clients where it is clinically recommended (usually our older clients who are only working on speech sounds).  These sessions will reflect a standard pricing model of $100 for a 30-minute session.
  5. Our intake assessments and reassessments will increase to a $400 billable rate with a $340 maximum charge (maximum you will pay if not covered by your insurance).

Please contact Kathryn via email or by calling the office at (408) 612 8877 with any questions regarding these changes.  We appreciate your understanding and flexibility as we make these necessary changes.