Morgan Hill Speech | Tween Social Language Group
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Tween Social Language Group

Tween Social Language Group

Is this group for your middle schooler ?


  • Does your tween struggle to make friends and socialize with their peers?
  • Is it hard for them to read social skills and interact with others using expected social behaviors?
  • Do they have a hard time initiating conversations and keep them going?
  • Do they need work on increasing their confidence for peer interactions?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions then our Social Group is likely a good match for your tween.  This group is for Middle School students led by a licensed Speech Language Pathologist trained in Social Thinking Methodologies (R) developed by Michelle Garcia Winner.

Our goal for these groups is to help your tween develop tools and strategies to help them build their social competencies and confidence in different social situations within a safe, supportive, non-judgmental environment.

Group Details:


  • The group will be in-person at our clinic in Morgan Hill
  • The group will be run by our SLP, Kathryn
  • The group will run for 6 weeks starting Tuesday June 14th from 2:30-3:45pm (last 15 minutes for parent questions and wrap-up)
  • The cost will be $100 per week reduced to $550 if you pay for 6 weeks by June 6th (private pay only).
  • We will have a parent only session prior to the start of group to review concepts we will cover and answer any questions (date and time TBD)
  • The first 2 group sessions are considered a trial period in order to determine if your teenager is a good fit for the group.  If this group is not appropriate for them you can choose to discontinue services paying only for the classes they attended.


Feedback from our past participants:


“I learnt about flexible thinking, making friends, and being friendly”

“This group has taught me how to become better friends with new or old friends”